Why Google Adwords should link to Google Analytics

Adwords report will provide you reporting on ad spend and performance in adwords you can see which keywords and ads users click or view which directly generate conversions.
It will not show the user behavior after click your ad before they convert. Google analytics fills this missing information. it helps you see the different paths that visitors take through site.
how visitors are engaging, or not engaging, with your content along the way and what site factors influence conversion rates, You can see the additional data that help you optimize your
adwords campaigns and make more informed business decisions.

In analytics you can view on-site engagement metrics such as bounce rate, pages per visit and average visit duration for each of your Adwords campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad texts. These type of metrics help you understand if your Adwords account is driving the right kind of traffic to the site. And also help you to identify areas of the site that need to improve. In this report you can also see your Adwords cost data and performance metrics, like average cost per click, clicks and clickthrough Rate.Together Adowrds and Analytics data in these reports help you better understand what you are spending in your adwords account and what your return on investment is. In addition to seeing Adwords information.

If you are using Google display network re-marketing, linking your Adwords and analytics accounts allow you to extend your re-marketing capabilities and build unique lists based on analytics dimensions and metrics. You can reach people who have already visited your website and deliver ad content specifically tailored to the interests they  expressed during the previous visit

How to Link Adwords Account to Analytics Account

1) First, make sure you have a Google Analytics account associated with your website.

2) Make sure you have admin rights (not “user” rights) within Google Analytics for the site you want to track.

3)  Login into your AdWords account, and click on spanner icon, after that click on linked account under setup section.

4) Click on ‘Details’ on Analytics


5) Click on Link

6) Select Link and Import site metrics and Save

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