Why detailed attribution is required in analytics

The final goal of any online business is to get customers. If your visitors are not converting as customers, you need do re think your acquisition strategy.  Need to track each acquisition channels, which are successful and which are not and where we need to concentrate further.

One visit to your website or just download of your app is not . One visit or just download of app is a vanity metric or primary metric. Unless visitor is coming and again to website or engaging with your app features, their visit or download is count nothing. you need to go further about the customer journey.

Check Behavior of your customer

Segment the users from different campaigns by channel like Facebook, Twitter, Email etc to see which source brought in the most new users and has the highest number of sessions per user, along with other key behavioral results that demonstrate campaign value. Goal completion is most important factor to considering the value of each segment.

Always measure LTV of visitor

Life Time Value is the number one parameter for calcuating ROI metric. When deciding which acquisition campaigns were user is engaged mostly, like number of sessions, session length, conversion events, etc. The user LTV broken down by each channel.

It’s entirely possible that one campaign delivers a higher number of downloads and new users, but ends up with users who have a lower LTV than a campaign that resulted in fewer users. That’s why it’s so easy to misjudge an acquisition campaign early based on preliminary data. If you have a figure in mind, particularly a number of desired acquired users, it can be easy to write off a channel that didn’t deliver based on your initial goals. Don’t count your
eggs before they hatch (or your downloads before they launch): always measure LTV.

When you take into account all of the metrics that impact your acquisition strategy, you can determine results like:
• Users acquired through Facebook are more avid social sharers than organic users
• Your Greystripe campaign resulted in more male users than female
• The total revenue (based on LTV per user) of your Millennial Media campaign is 5% higher than that of other channels

More attribution modeling 


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